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Habit Coach, Speaker and Personal Trainer

I’m a certified Habit Coach and strongly believe in a growth mindset. Integrity, honesty and humility are at the core of everything I do, both professionally and personally.

Formerly an engineer and military man, I decided a few years back to go all-in following my passion for health and behavior change.

My goal through SD Coaching is to have the most positive impact I can on the lives of the people I work with by empowering them to ace their work-life balance and maximizing their energy through active and healthy habits. Caring for my audience and clients goes beyond good guidance and workouts, it also means empathic support on their journey towards the person they most want to be.

I love working in that sweet spot combining my high-energy coaching mentality and analytical mindset, leading to the optimal methods and results for my clients.


Mastering what we repeatedly do is key to setting us up for life as it accounts for the majority of our time and actions. Michael Jordan captured this perfectly:

Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise
Michael Jordan

Besides my passion for behavior change and sports, I also love to read and spend time with family and friends. Always on the lookout for the yin and yang balance in my life. I’m an avid hiker with a couple of mountain summit ascends under my belt and always looking for new spots in nature to discover.

My Education

Certified habit Coach

at Habit Coach Professionals
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Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer image

Personal Trainer

at PCA & CVO - EREPS Level 4
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Online Trainer

at Online Training Academy
Online Trainer image

Program Design

at PCA
Program Design image

Precision Nutrition

Level 1
Precision Nutrition image

CrossFit Trainer

Level 1
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Stress- and Burnout Coaching

at Center for Resilience

Civil Engineer

Master at VUB
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Bachelor at Royal Military Academy
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